Vifa offers a range of portable wireless smart speakers that have both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. They’re smartly designed and contain high quality, intelligent components. Here's our selection:


An elegant Nordic design

A premium sound is certainly great, but many of us also like our speakers to have a premium design to go with that. Vifa’s products tick all the boxes. The brand uses the finest Scandinavian textiles for an elegant and seamless look. The materials are also environmentally friendly.

Amazing sound performance

Vifa smart speakers are not only designed to look good though. They also sound great. Mighty high and mid range drivers give them the potential to fill even the biggest rooms with a rich and detailed sound. The lower frequencies aren’t forgotten about either. These are also catered for, through the impressively powerful woofers.

However, even their small speakers will surprise you. They too deliver top-class audio through intelligently developed drivers, alongside a compact, portable design.

Enjoy premium sound, wherever you are

One of the great things about Vifa speakers is that they’re both easy to use and portable. Their lightweight design makes them easy to carry around, with useful handles for carrying. This means you can also enjoy your music on the go.

Vifa speakers’ ease of use is continued through the ability to stream your music via a number of different connectivity options. The options include Bluetooth, AUX port, NFC WiFi streaming, Apple AirPlay and more. This multi-source functionality allows you to design your own personal setup, and gives you the option to connect your Vifa smart speaker to a number of different devices.