Whether it’s smart lights, smart sockets, smart switches or smart security cameras, TP-Link offers high quality solutions for a wide variety of your smart home needs.


Smart security cameras

TP-Link produces both indoor and outdoor smart security cameras. These allow you to keep a watchful eye over your home in full 1080p HD quality. They’re also equipped with night vision technology, so that you can keep an eye on things throughout the night. A companion app allows you to remotely adjust the camera’s settings and watch video clips.

Smart light bulbs

TP-Link also specializes in developing and produce smart lighting. These include both white and colour bulbs, that can be controlled and adjusted remotely from the companion app. TP-Link’s smart lighting bulbs are also voice control compatible, meaning that you can fully control them through simple voice commands.

Smart switches

While remote control and voice command control of your smart lights are great features, it’s also sometimes useful to have a traditional switch available. TP-Link’s smart switch is easy to install and doesn’t require a hub. Only a secure WiFi connection is needed.

Smart plugs and sockets

TP-Link’s product range widens out to the production of smart plugs and sockets. Essentially, these devices make ‘dumb’ products smart. Connect anything into a TP-Link smart plug and you’ll be able to control it remotely through an app. If you have an Amazon Alexa voice assistant device, you’ll also be able to control it with voice commands. A quick and easy way to smarten up your home.

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