Listen to your music collection anywhere in your home.  Fill as many rooms as you want via WiFi with the easy-to-use wireless Home Sound System from SONOS.  Use voice control to choose different songs in different rooms or group your speakers together in one room. With over 80 streaming services worldwide, SONOS plays virtually everything. And with one app, you have complete control over your music.  


Brand Overview

Which SONOS speaker fits your needs?

SONOS offers a wide variety of speakers to enjoy multiple forms of entertainment like music or film. Which one is the perfect fit for you? Find out in this video.

The Sonos system: sophisticated technology meets elegant design

Sonos speakers use an intelligent software feature called Trueplay. Simply put, the Trueplay system allows users to fine-tune their speaker specifically to the room that it's in. Trueplay brings what is normally a professional level of technology, and puts it into the hands of everyday users. The system isn't overly-complicated either, as Sonos have managed to present it in a way that is user-friendly and easy to manage. Music is also streamed over WiFi, rather than Bluetooth. This means that your music won't cut out when you're walking throughout the house or get a phone call. And then there's AirPlay 2 support, which allows Sonos users to control their speaker system directly from their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Sonos products are always produced to a high quality. They are precisely designed and manufactured with a great attention to detail. Intelligent technology makes them function superbly but this is only half of the story. Sonos' speakers are also very aesthetically pleasing. Each device is designed and shaped to look elegant and stylish. This sleek and modern look means that a Sonos speaker fits perfectly into the interior of a futuristic connected home.

Handy voice control

Don't want to get up or use your smartphone to skip to the next song? Sonos speakers also have the ability to be controlled through easy-to-use voice commands. The Sonos One and the Sonos Beam have Google Assistant support out of the box. This voice assistant can be used to control music or give general, day-to-day information. All it takes is a "Hey Google!". Other Sonos products can make use of the Google Assistant when they are linked to a Google Home device.

All Sonos speakers are also fully compatible with Amazon Alexa. Ask the voice assistant to play your favorite playlists, radio stations, audiobooks and more. What's more, you can use your Sonos speaker to ask Alexa about the latest news or weather forecast. The capabilities of the Sonos and Alexa combination are always expanding so keep an eye out for new any new features!

All advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to install and expand
  • Streaming over WiFi instead of Bluetooth
  • Trueplay
  • Mulitroom support
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • AirPlay 2 compatible
  • Night mode: excellent sound at night, without waking up the whole house

An endless selection of music

Sonos speakers have the ability to play an endless amount of music. Compatibilty with a huge number of services means that they can stream almost anything, from music, to radio, to podcasts, to audiobooks. The Sonos platform currently supports more than 80 music services, meaning that whatever you like to listen to, a Sonos speaker can play it.

What kind of speakers does Sonos offer?

Sonos offers a wide range of high-quality, multi-purpose speakers. Their products range from compact, personal music speakers, soundbars for your TV, and even serious, heavy-duty amplifiers. So whatever your music needs may be, then Sonos is the brand for you!

Loudspeakers for music lovers

Certain Sonos speakers are more geared towards being placed in certain environments. So whether you're looking for a speaker for your living room, bathroom or outdoor terrace, then take your time to look over Sonos' extensive range. Make sure that you find the perfect product for your situation to get the most out of Sonos' impressive speakers.

Size161.45 x 119.7 x 119.7 mm161.45 x 119.7 x 119.7 mm203 x 364 x 154 mm240 x 160 x 126 mm
Ideal room sizeSmall roomSmall roomBig roomIdeal for taking on the go
Alignment optionsStandingStandingStanding or layingStanding
Control optionsTouch panel, voice control potentialTouch panel, integrated voice assistant capabilitesTouch panel, voice control potentialTouch panel, integrated voice assistant capabilities
Home theatre capabilitiesSpeaker as a surround sound background speakerSpeaker as a surround sound background speakerSpeaker as a surround sound background speakerPortable speaker that can be used anywhere
Mounting optionsTables, shelves and mounting stand availableTables, shelves and mounting stand availableTables, shelves, charging docking station
Damp and moisture resistant
ConnectivityEthernet-PortEthernet-Port3.5 mm audio input, Ethernet-PortUSB-C port
Integrated Amazon Alexa?
Integrated Google Assistant?

SONOS' speaker range consists of first-class speakers that will massively enhance your music experience. Each one of them is made up of typical Sonos DNA: Trueplay; multi-room potential; elegant design and a crisp sound quality. They also have the capabilities to support voice commands when they are linked with a Google Assistant smart device.

The Sonos One SL is the most basic speaker in the series. Its compact size means that it fits perfectly on shelves or tucked into small corners. If you prefer, the One SL can also be mounted on the wall or on a stand. The combination of the speaker's small size with moisture resistance makes it ideal for use in the bathroom, without having to worry about any potential damage. You could also integrate the One SL as a background speaker in a home theatre setup.

The Sonos PLAY:5 is a much larger speaker that has the ability to fill even the largest rooms with an excellent music quality. Like the One SL, this speaker is also moisture resistant, but its extra power makes it perfect for blasting out the tunes at an outdoor terrace or pool party. Stand out features of the PLAY:5 include the touch panel for control on the top of the device. It also has a 3.5mm audio input. This can be used to connect anything from a smartphone to a turntable. The possibilites are endless!

A speaker and voice assistant together as one

The Sonos One combines great technology and sound with voice control capabilities through Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. These integrated voice assistants give you full control of your music, allowing you to play, pause and skip songs through simple voice commands. As these assistants are fully integrated, you can also make use of their other smart capabilities. For example, ask for the latest news or weather reports and have the answer projected from your Sonos One. Love playing your music loudly but also want to make use of the voice assistant? The One has this covered, as integrate far-field microphones allow your voice to be heard over the music. You can also use the One to control other compatible smart devices.

The SONOS Move brings portability and premium sound together into one smart speaker. Similarly to the One, the Move also has both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, built-in. This allows you to fully control the device through simple voice commands. You can also use it as a smart home controller to manage all other compatible smart devices. The Move comes with a neat carrying handle on the back of the device which allows you to take it anywhere. WiFi connectivity can be used when you're at home, whilst Bluetooth connectivity means that the music doesn't have to stop when you're on the go. This smart speaker is also weather resistant and very durable. Perfect for taking with you to pool parties, day trips to the park or on longer holidays and adventures!

 Amazon AlexaGoogle AssistantAirplay 2
SONOS OneIntegratedIntegrated
SONOS One SLAmazon Alexa supported but not integratedGoogle Assistant supported but not integrated
SONOS PLAY:5Amazon Alexa supported but not integratedGoogle Assistant supported but not integrated
SONOS MoveIntegratedIntegrated
SONOS PLAYBASEAmazon Alexa supported but not integratedGoogle Assistant supported but not integrated
SONOS PLAYBARAmazon Alexa supported but not integratedGoogle Assistant supported but not integrated
SONOS SUBAmazon Alexa supported but not integratedGoogle Assistant supported but not integrated
SONOS BeamIntegratedIntegrated

Speakers for all kinds of entertainment junkies

Don't be put off if music isn't your thing. Sonos speakers are also great for enhancing your entertainment system. Binging the latest Game of Thrones season with a Sonos speaker makes the experience truly unforgettable, especially if you opt for one of the TV soundbars like the Sonos Beam.

Able to be mounted to a wall
Integrated voice assistant
AirPlay 2 compatible
ConnectivityHDMI ARC & opticalOpticalOptical
Speech enhancement for crystal clear dialogue
Compatible with
TV, games consoles, satellite boxes,
Blu-Ray players
TV, games consoles, satellite boxes
TV, games consoles, satellite boxes,
Blu-Ray players

The TV oriented Sonos speakers (like the Beam, PLAYBAR and PLAYBASE) can all be installed in slightly different ways. The Beam and the PLAYBAR can either be placed directly onto your TV stand or, if you don't have any space on the stand, mounted to the wall using a suitable bracket. The PLAYBASE is specifically designed so that it could act as a base for your TV, and has the ability to carry a weight of up to 77 lbs.

The Sonos Beam soundbar is the only one of the TV oriented speakers that comes integrated with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. This allows you to use simple voice commands to control your entire Sonos sound system. If you're an iOS user,  you can also control your Beam and PLAYBASE from your iPhone, iPad or Mac as they both compatible with AirPlay 2. 

All three speakers have optical connections, while the Beam also comes with an HDMI ARC connection. They are powerful and produce a great sound quality. The Beam is the smallest of the three and its compact size, compared to the other two, holds 5 integrated amplifiers. The PLAYBAR has 9 and the PLAYBASE has 10 amplifiers. All excel at creating a more exciting and invigorating TV experience. However, there's also more to them than just this. For example, if you want to watch TV at night but don't want to wake up your entire house, you can put your Sonos speaker into night mode. This allows you to enjoy your late-night movie without the worry that you're waking everyone else up. Both the PLAYBAR and the PLAYBASE are compatible with all mainstream TV manufacturers, games consoles, satellite boxes and Blu-Ray Players.

An extra dollop of base

Don't you just love the the feeling of a deep and powerful bass? If the answer is yes then the Sonos SUB is the perfect extension to your sound system. It's compatible with any Sonos speaker and further improves the sound of your original speaker. The SUB serves to provide the low bass tones, leaving your speaker to focus on the mid and high frequencies. On top of this, similarly to the rest of the Sonos range, the SUB looks smart, elegant and modern.

  • Force-cancelling speakers
  • Dual Accoustic Ports
  • Automatic audio tuning optimization
  • Separate control for bass levels
  • Operated with buttons on the side of the device

Thanks to two opposing force-cancelling speakers, the SUB produces a deep and rich sound, without any irritating background noises. The dual accoustic ports ensure that the SUB is always performing at a maximum level. The subwoofer is extremely clever, as it automatically, perfectly balances itself with the connected Sonos speaker. For those of who would like to adjust the settings yourself, you can do so using the separate bass level control. Overall control of the SUB is done through buttons on the side of the device.

Improve your existing music system

With the SONOS CONNECT or SONOS AMP you can easily add smart functionality to your existing speakers or home cinema system.

Speaker typeActivePassive
Receiver required
For useInsideInside and outside
ConnectionsCinch, AUX, EthernetCinch, AUX, Ethernet, Subwoofer output
ControlButtons on the sideButtons on the side
Silent cooling

The Sonos CONNECT is suitable for active speakers, as it requires a receiver. The device makes ‘old’ speakers smart by adding wireless audio streaming. When you still have good (passive) speakers but no receiver, the SONOS AMP is a good alternative. It also adds WiFi and streaming capabilities but doesn’t require a receiver. Like the normal CONNECT, it has RCA and AUX connections as well as an output for a subwoofer. There's also support for multiroom audio and both devices are easy to control via buttons on the side. Thanks to the passive cooling system there are no annoying sounds to disturb you during your listening sessions.

Is your internet connection too slow or unreliable for uninterrupted streaming? The SONOS Boost offers a solution by bypassing your existing WiFi setup and building a separate network only for your SONOS speakers. This wifi signal booster is capable of sending a strong wireless signal, even through thick walls and ceilings.

Using Sonos with Amazon Alexa

The Sonos One and Beam have Amazon Alexa integrated, which means you can control your music with handy voice commands. Want to control other Sonos devices with Alexa? All you need is a WiFi connection, the latest Sonos software and an Alexa device such as the Amazon Echo or Dot. The video below shows how easy the setup process is.

How to connect your Sonos speaker with Alexa:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  2. Open the menu, select Skills, search for the Sonos Skill and enable it.
  3. Sign into your Sonos account and give Alexa permission to control your Sonos system. You'll also need to login to your Amazon account to complete the process.
  4. Within the Alexa app you can now scan for Sonos devices nearby. Via the settings of the app you're able to add music services such as Spotify, Pandora and TuneIn.

How do I control my Sonos speaker with my voice?

You control your speakers with Alexa as usual. If you have speakers in multiple rooms, add the appropriate room to your voice command:

  • Alexa, play Blondie in the bedroom.
  • Alexa, play Queen in the living room.
  • Alexa, turn down the volume in the bathroom.

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