Make your home lighting smart with Philips Hue

Philips Hue offers an easy to use smart lighting system for your home. Light your rooms in over 16 million different colors with the tap of a finger on your smartphone. For even more comfort and convenience, you can control your Philips Hue smart lighting system with all the common voice assistants.

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What's so special about Philips Hue?

  • Customizable: Adjust the lighting based on your mood or for a particular occasion using just the tap of your finger. Program different shades of light for the morning and the evening. After all, you might feel like mixing up your lighting color or brightness every once in a while. No worries, just change your lighting settings in the Philips Hue app.
  • Simple installation: No cables or complicated renovations are necessary for getting started with your Philips Hue smart lighting system. Just replace your normal bulbs with these smart ones. With the Hue Bluetooth bulbs, you don't even need the Bridge for the basic functionalities. Simply use the Bluetooth connectivity to link to your smartphone and they're ready to go. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of smart lighting control.
  • Geofencing: Forgot to turn off the lights before leaving the house? With the geofencing function integrated within Philips Hue products, that's not a problem anymore. The app can recognize whether you're at home using a GPS signal. The lighting will be automatically adjusted accordingly.
  • Expandable: Try out smart lighting with a single bulb or lamp and expand your system as you like. The Hue Bluetooth bulbs are the perfect starting point for beginners, as no Bridge is required for basic control. Once you get comfortable with smart lighting, add the Hue Bridge and expand your system with up to 50 smart lights.
  • Compatibility: Philips Hue is an open platform. This means that its smart lights can be integrated into many connected home ecosystems. Some standouts include Bosch Smart Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and innogy SmartHome.

Design your ideal lighting with the Philips Hue apps

Philips Hue currently offer two different apps. One works exclusively for the Bluetooth bulbs, while the other controls the Zigbee components of a Philips Hue smart lighting system. Both Philips Hue apps make controlling and managing your smart lighting system quick and easy.

The Philips Hue Bluetooth app allows you to control up to 10 smart lights and has 30 pre-defined lighting scenes. Connection is smooth and controlling connected Bluetooth smart bulbs is done with just the tap of a finger. Use the Philips Hue for Zigbee app with non-Bluetooth Hue bulbs connected to a Hue Bridge. This app offers even more smart functionalities. Modify the color and light recipes, use geofencing, group lights together and more.

For example, program your smart lights to turn on as soon as you get home. As well as this, thanks to the timer function, you can also set intervals and automatically trigger certain actions. An integrated mimicking function is another useful feature. This allows you to expand your smart home security system as the app will activate and deactivate lights, to create a deterrent for any potential burglars.

You can also manage several smart lights at once in the apps, which makes controlling your system even simpler. All of your smart lights are shown on the home screen of both of the apps. With a Bridge and the Hue app for Zigbee, define rooms and areas as you like. This gives you the option to manage individual rooms, or to control all of your smart lights together.

How does the Philips Hue lighting system work?

Philips Hue's Bluetooth smart bulbs are quick and easy to setup and to use. Once fitted into an existing lighting fixture, connect them via the Hue Bluetooth app to allow for basic control. At the the heart of an expandable Philips Hue's smart lighting system though, is the Bridge. This communicates wirelessly with the LED smart bulbs. A secure, wireless standard Zigbee is used for this, and each connected smart light extends throughout the reach of the entire network. This is one of the major advantages of the system, as once one bulb is connected to the Bridge, the others can then be linked through that to connect the smart lights together. This saves you from having to connect every bulb to the Philips Hue Bridge, in order to receive a signal. Only one Hue Bridge is needed to control 50 lights and 12 accessories.

Five easy steps to kick off your Philips Hue smart lighting system:

  1. Install your Philips Hue Bluetooth smart light into a compatible existing lighting fixture
  2. Download the free Philips Hue Bluetooth app on your smartphone
  3. Control and manage your smart bulb from your smartphone
  4. Expand your system with a Philips Hue Bridge. Download the Hue for Zigbee app & connect the Bridge to your router & power supply
  5. Add up to 50 Hue smart lights. Group bulbs together, define rooms, create personalized routines and more

What benefits does the Philips Hue system offer?

  • Energy efficiency: Philips Hue lights provide pleasant lighting with low wattage.
  • Creating scenes and routines: The settings for Hue smart lights can be customized within the Philips Hue for Zigbee app. Create routines using a Philips Hue Motion Sensor, so that the lights are only on when it's really necessary. A programmed timer can also trigger a routine. Thanks to this timer function, Philips Hue smart lights can be turned on, off, or gradually dimmed at specific times.
  • Operation: When connected to your home WiFi network, a Hue smart lighting system can be controlled from anywhere. Manual switches can also be added to the system so that you can control the lights even when you don't have your smartphone at hand.
  • Geofencing: Philips Hue products have an integrated geofencing feature for added convenience. This allows you to activate certain routines and scenes as soon as you leave the house or arrive home.
  • Voice assistants: Philips Hue devices are compatible with the three major voice assistants,Apple's Siri, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. This allows for control of your smart lighting with just a simple voice command.
  • Expandable: With Philips Hue, the sky is the limit for lighting management. The Hue Bluetooth app can control up to 10 lights. Expand your system further to control up to 50 smart lights through just one Philips Hue Bridge. Integrate them together with Hue accessories and other compatible smart home products.
  • Individual control: The Philips Hue apps recognize all the smart lights in the house and allow you to control them from your smartphone. Manage an individual light, certain area or the whole house. Additionally, you can choose the brightness of your lights individually, based on your mood or the time of day.
  • Color wonders: Philips Hue lights offer the right color of light for every mood. With over 16 million shades, you're sure to find the right tone.
  • High quality: Quality is a big plus for Philips Hue products. This is reflected in the craftsmanship and longevity of their smart lights.

Philips Hue meets the voice assistant

Voice assistants from Google Nest, Apple and Amazon are already in place in many homes, with more and more smart devices now compatible with them. The smart lights from Philips Hue are no exception, as they can be controlled with Apple's Siri, the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Turn the lights on or off, dim or brighten, and change the colors. All through a simple voice command.

“Ok Google, turn on the light in the bathroom.”

“Hey Google, dim the lamp in the living room.”

“Ok Google, make the light in the kids room blue.”

“Siri, set “romantic evening”.

“Alexa, turn on the light in the bedroom.”

“Alexa, turn on tropical sunset lighting in the living room.”

“Alexa, make the light in the kitchen warmer.”


  • Voice assistant + app
  • Philips Hue bridge + app
  • Stable and secure WiFi connection

Setting up a voice-controlled Philips Hue lighting system:

In just a few steps you can operate your Philips Hue smart lighting system using just your voice, with no need for a smartphone.

Example: Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Starter Kit + Google Nest Mini

  1. Screw the Philips Hue smart bulbs into the appropriate fittings
  2. Connect the Philips Hue Bridge to the router and a power supply
  3. Link the smart bulbs with the Bridge in the Philips Hue Zigbee app and configure
  4. Plug your Google Nest Mini into power
  5. Configure with the Google Home App
  6. Add the Philips Hue smart lights as new devices in the Google Home app under Home Control
  7. Name them as you wish and configure

WiFi acting up?

Worried that the lighting systems in the far reaches of your house, such as the roof, the basement or the garden, might run into problems due to a weak WiFi connection? With Philips Hue smart lights, that’s never a problem. They use the energy-saving wireless protocol Zigbee, meaning that a stable WiFi connection is only necessary for the Bridge. There’s also no reason to worry that the Zigbee signal won’t reach far enough. Philips Hue lights act as repeaters to strengthen the signal. This allows your smart lighting system to work in every part of your home, and even in your garden.

Which Philips Hue product is right for me?

Philips Hue Bridge

The Bridge is at the heart of Philips Hue's smart lighting system. You use it to connect your smartphone or tablet to your smart lights. It can be connected to up to 50 lights and can thus illuminate your entire home. The Philips Hue Bridge is based on Zigbee technology, which is particularly reliable and energy efficient.

Philips Hue smart bulbs and lamps

 Philips Hue White and Color AmbiancePhilips Hue White AmbiancePhilips Hue White
Smart control
Away-from-home control
Light schedules
Different white shades
Various color options
Sync with Music
Sync with Movies
Suited forAnyone who wants special, multi-color lightAnyone who wants different shades of white for mood-based lighting controlAnyone looking for an affordable option for automated lighting control, who doesn’t need color variation

The smart lights in the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance series can illuminate your home in various shades of white, as well as in over 16 million different colors. Furthermore, these smart lights are available in different brightness levels and color temperatures, allowing you to create your own personal lighting atmosphere for your connected home.

Philips Hue White Ambiance smart lights illuminate your home in different shades of white, which you can adjust using the dimming function. The selection of white shades ranges from candlelight white, to lightbulb white, all the way to daylight white. Create your personalized, mood-based lighting atmosphere.

Philips Hue lightstrips

 Philips Hue Lightstrip
Comfort dimming
LED integrated
Various color shades
Away-from-home control
Light schedules
Sync with music and films
Wireless connectionZigbee

A Philips Hue lightstrip provides you with a flexible source of indirect light for your entire home. Your lightstrip can be fixed to almost any surface. It can be bent, cut or extended, allowing you to create a customizable and personalized lighting system. In addition to offering top lighting performance, Philips Hue lightstrips provide lighting for every mood and the atmosphere and can be controlled with the Philips Hue app or through a compatible voice assistant.

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