Create a fast and reliable home WiFi network with Netgear

Netgear's mesh network routers are ideal for those struggling with WiFi dead zones in their home. What's unique about these routers is their use of a dedicated tri-band channel, giving you a far quicker home connection than a dual-band system. Four different router bundles offer a solution for homes of all shapes and sizes.


Allowing for more control than ever before

One of the great things about a Netgear smart WiFi system is the number of useful functionalities it offers. You can easily set up guest access for visiting family or friends for example. Alternatively, parental controls can also be set up easily. Choose from default setting or create your own custom ones, and ensure that your children’s browsing experience is always safe and secure.

Easy to set up and easy to expand

Setting up a new WiFi system doesn’t have to be a complicated process and Netgear have ensured that it isn’t with their smart WiFi products. Not only is installation easy, but expansion is too. For bigger homes, additional nodes can simply be added around different areas of the house to ensure that your entire home is able to enjoy a fast and reliable connection.

An easily manageable system

Alongside its WiFi routers, Netgear offer a user-friendly and useful app, that provides you with a complete overview of your home WiFi network. Through this app you can control and manage the system from anywhere. Check the connection speeds, adjust the security settings, check the system’s traffic information, download the latest updates and more.

Making WiFi smart

Netgear WiFi routers come with the capability to be controlled through voice commands. They can be linked to the smart assistants from both Google and Amazon, to allow for total, hands-free control of your smart home WiFi network.

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