Linksys offers various products to both create, and/or improve, the WiFi connection in your home. Its reliable wireless routers and range extenders work to ensure complete WiFi coverage to all your devices.


Intelligent Mesh technology

Equip your home with the intelligent Velop Mesh WiFi system, an interconnected series of nodes that provide more expansive internet coverage throughout your home. Unlike traditional WiFi where your connection relies on the power of one router, the mesh system provides different connection points. This clever technology is able to pick the clearest channels for your devices so that, even with multiple users, the internet speeds are always fast and reliable. It’s like having your own WiFi team, all working together instead of putting all the weight on one little router.

Mesh WiFi is an intuitive system that adapts and learns from you. Whether you play more video games, surf the web, or have kids on different devices, it’s always analyzing your internet usage to ensure that it consistently provides a smooth and quick connection.

WiFi that’s easy to set up

Don’t worry if you aren’t a tech wizard. You won’t need to know anything about WiFi or modems when setting up the Linksys system. Linksys simplifies the installation process with the Linksys app. It will guide you step by step with clear instructions and helpful examples.

Good looking and practical designs

Linksys’ WiFi products boast designs that fit perfectly into the interior of any modern, connected home. The nodes are particularly are sleek, elegant and inconspicuous. Even the bigger WiFi routers come with a neat, smart home style design.

The design of Linksys WiFi products is not only about looking good. Their composition also makes them extremely versatile. The small size of the nodes allows them to be placed almost anywhere. They can also be mounted to the wall using a Linksys Velop Wall Mount.

Smart control of a smart WiFi system

With a Linksys WiFi system, control and management is seamless. Through the Linksys app, you’re able to manage the entire network. Set parental controls, prioritize certain devices or even create guest access on your network through the free app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

Hands full or not close to your smartphone? When paired with Amazon Alexa, you’ll also have access to a number of convenient voice commands that allow you to control your network. For example, ask your smart assistant to switch the guest access off when your friends are leaving.

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