Jabra specializes in creating best-in-class sound solutions. With top quality and innovation, you will find a variety of headphones and headsets that are engineered to meet your demands. Below, we’ve conveniently selected the best Jabra smart home products.


Best in class audio

Jabra offers a variety of unique headphones and headsets. Whether you're looking to use them in the office, in the gym, or during your commute, they can provide the perfect solution for you. Jabra products are designed meticulously, with various unique features that make them superior to a number of other headphones and headsets in the market.

Something for everyone

Looking for something for the gym? Jabra's wireless earbuds, such as the Elite Sport, are great for professional training. As well as being waterproof they also boast features such as up to 13.5 hours of battery life, heart rate monitor and VO2 max monitor.

Need a new headset for the office? Jabra's Evolve 75 is a wireless headset with dual Bluetooth connectivity and world-class speakers. This headset allows for mobility throughout the office as you can move up to 100ft away from your connected device without losing the connection. Jabra also offers call centre headsets, wireless calls & music streaming, and Bluetooth mono headsets. With this many options, you can find a headset or headphone that's exactly tailored for you.

Asides from headsets and headphones, Jabra also offers speakers. These are designed for simple collaboration, to make conference calls easier than ever before. Connect your speaker to your phone for on-the-go conference calls. Many Jabra products offer noise-cancellation technology and focus on your voice, rather than background noise.

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