iDevices makes the world of smart home more accessible. Its smart plugs and switches work with normal products to make them smarter. With features such as individual outlet control and energy monitoring, you can control and increase functionality to any household device by using the app. Create schedules or do it on the go while you are away from home. Connect your iDevices products to Amazon Alexa or Google Home and use a simple voice command to control them. Below we've conveniently selected the best iDevices smart home products.


What is special about iDevices?

In the intuitively designed iDevices app, you can control your devices, set schedules and scenes, and group your devices into zones such as “upstairs” or “outside”. Because they work without any hub or base station, they’re the perfect entry point for anyone wanting to dip their toes into connected home. Seasoned pros will be happy with iDevices products as well, as they are compatible with three major voice assistants - Siri (and Apple HomeKit), Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. iDevices helps you create convenience, comfort, and security to all aspects of your home.

iDevices offers multiple products, all made to give you more control, flexibility, and energy conservation. With the wall outlet, turn ordinary objects into smart home devices. Schedule for your bedroom lamp to turn on at 8 am when you wake up. Connect your iDevices product to Amazon Alexa and turn off your table fan with a voice command. With the wall switch, control landscape lighting, overhead lighting and even the fireplace right from your phone. With an iDevices thermostat, ensure your home is always the perfect temperature by creating a schedule on your phone. Away for the weekend? Override or pause the schedule as you need. Controlling everything couldn't be easier with the app and voice commands.

How does iDevices work?

To connect your smart plug, just plug it into your regular wall plug. Then, connect your it with the app and set up as instructed. After inputting your WiFi password, you can start enjoying your new smart device! For switchers and deamers, follow the instructions to install them in the place of your regular switchers and deamers. Connect to your app, and start controlling your home!

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