Honeywell makes your (smart) home feel more like home. The brand’s most well-known smart home products focus on regulating indoor climate and home security, all of which you can control with your smartphone. Its line of devices includes everything you need for a truly smarter home, whether it’s thermostats, sensors, security alarm systems or dehumidifiers. Best of all, Honeywell’s clever devices can help you lower your energy bills.


What makes Honeywell special?

Founded in 1903, Honeywell has vast experience in delivering products in various industries, including home appliances. They’ve always retained a tradition of producing high quality products and this hasn’t changed when it comes to their focus on the smart home industry. Honeywell offers products such as smart thermostats, sensors, security alarm systems and dehumidifiers, all which can be controlled through an app on your smartphone. Alternatively, connect your Honeywell device to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and control it with simple voice commands.

Smarter security for your family

When it comes to security, Honeywell offers a range of products. Security cameras can be combined with motion sensors, and even outdoor motion viewers. Their smart home security system devices also work together with your other smart home products to keep unwanted visitors out. As an example, this can give you the ability to create deterrents for any potential intruders by turning on the lights or playing the sound of a barking dog. Honeywell’s cameras also allow you to store up to 24 hours of video on the Cloud, (this can be increased by purchasing a membership plan). View your saved clips on the easy-to-use app at any time. Honeywell’s smart home security devices also provide smarter alerts. This means that instead of your usual ‘something’s happened’ notification, you can receive a video clip of the movement that was detected. What’s more, Honeywell products also have the ability to notify you instantly if you were to leave home and forget to close a window. Smarter security to avoid any fake alarms!

More comfortable, more cost-saving

Honeywell is developing technology that not only creates more convenience, security and comfort, but that also saves you money. Their smart thermostats allow you to set-up a schedule of your desired temperature for each time of the day and each room in the house. The geofencing technology created for the smart thermostat also gives it the ability to adjust the temperature based on the minute you walk in to the minute to walk out the door. Don’t forget too that you can monitor the temperature from the app and make changes from anywhere. Never again will you go on a trip and come home to a gut-wrenchingly high electricity bill!

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