Eve - The Apple HomeKit Experts for your Smart Home

Eve carries a wide variety of products which make your home and garden more beautiful and comfortable. Products range from smart sensors such as radiator thermostats, smoke detectors, motion detectors, and door/window contact sensors to intelligent adapter plugs and power stirps, irrigation solutions, and smart lighting systems. With Eve, your everyday life will be easier while also making your home more energy efficient. Additionally, end-to-end encryption protects your personal information, making it visible only to you, even when you’re accessing your smart home products on the go. All Eve products can function without a single smart home interface but are also fully compatible with Apple HomeKit.

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Why Eve?

Eve offers an easy way to enter the world of smart home. Their products use sophisticated software and hardware combined with sleek design. Very smart: effortless setup in just a few steps allows you to control your Eve products through an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Siri.

Eve and Apple HomeKit

Eve and Apple HomeKit function as the perfect team. This is why you’re always in control of all your Eve devices with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, and iPod touch. When you have a HomeKit control center, you can control all your Eve devices even when you’re on the go! You can also quickly and easily automate your Eve Smart Home components. For example, set up your motion sensors so that they will automatically turn on your lights when movement is detected. All Eve products are able to be installed in a matter of seconds and can be controlled with either the Apple Home app or the Eve app.

Eve App

All HomeKit-enabled devices, including those from other producers, are compatible with each other and can be easily controlled via the Eve or Apple Home apps.

With the free Eve app you can also:

  • Optimize all your Eve devices
  • View usage data and costs over time
  • Create schedules for your Eve devices
  • Get new updates through firmware updates


Eve prioritizes your security and privacy. They developed their systems from the ground up in order to keep your data private. Eve devices work without an internet connection, access to a cloud, or connections to other devices. Data captured by your devices will be fully encrypted (end-to-end) and stored locally on your devices. At Eve, your personal data is strongly protected and only you have access to it - even if you access your Eve devices while on the move.

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Eve Button:In addition to voice or touch control, Eve offers you the Eve Button as another way to easily and conveniently control your smart home. Control individual devices, rooms, or your entire home with just one button. Just press to control your lighting, power supply, or other HomeKit devices. With configurable scenes, you can always have the right atmosphere.

Eve Energy & Eve Energy Strip: The Eve Energy Smart Plug and and the Eve Energy Strip give you full control of your plugged-in appliances. Make your ordinary home appliances and lamps smart and switch them on and off from anywhere via the Siri voice command or the Eve app. Always know how much electricity you are using and save on your energy costs. Additionally, you can set schedules and have devices turn on at a specific time of day.


Eve Flare: The spherical smart lamp instantly creates the right atmosphere everywhere via the Eve App or Siri voice command. Discover prepared lighting scenes or create your own. Eve Flare is IP65 protected against water and dust, making it perfect for not only the living room or bathroom, but also in the garden or next to the pool. The portable LED light lasts up to 6 hours and can be charged wirelessly.

Eve Light Strip & Extension: With Eve Light Strip & Eve Light Strip Extension you can create the perfect lighting mood. The LED strip can be shortened or expanded and can be attached anywhere. With just your voice or finger, you can create a lighting atmosphere for a movie night.


Eve Thermo: Synchronize your heating using the pre-set schedules of the Eve Thermo. For example, set the intelligent system to heat the house only when someone is at home. It is also possible to set the temperature by voice command or with the Eve app. In combination with Eve Door & Window Contact Sensors, you can save on energy costs without having to do anything. This is because Eve Thermo can automatically stop heating as soon as a window or door is open.

Eve Room: The award-winning room sensor Eve Room provides you with information on air quality, humidity, and room temperature at all times. In this way, the smart sensor not only temporarily ensures clean air in your home, but also keeps it healthy. How? For example, if required, the sensor can activate a connected humidifier (via Eve Energy) as soon as the humidity drops below 50%. Meanwhile, the Eve app maps the main metrics into detailed charts and shows you the trends allowing you to see an overview of the conditions in your rooms.


Eve Motion: Home safety with Eve. The Eve Sensor reliably detects movement from strangers who want to gain access to your home. The wireless, intelligent motion sensor notifies you immediately so you can respond instantly. You can configure the sensor so that it ignores movements of children playing or your pet’s movement. The IPX3 waterproof sensor is perfect for outdoor use. You’ll never have to come home to the dark again with Eve Motion. You can also automate your interior lights as well. Never feel for light switches in the dark again with the Eve Motion.

Eve Door & Window: Are all your windows and doors closed? Check with Siri or the Eve app from anywhere and, in a matter of seconds, know whether your windows, doors, garage, or even garden gate are open. The app also tells you when a window or door was last opened and for how long. If a door unexpectedly opens, the intelligent door and window system will notify you immediately. You can pre-set your ideal light atmosphere as soon as you enter your front door without even touching a switch.

Eve Smoke: The Eve Smoke is an intelligent smoke detector that alerts you when smoke is detected with an 85 decibel siren. If you’re not at home, the system warns you immediately via a notification on your iPhone. The device self-tests itself several times a day, testing the functionality of its sensors. Additionally, with HomeKit central command, you can integrate the Eve Smoke with smart lamps. Therefore, if you or your loved ones are in danger, the escape route can be illuminated. If you accidentally trigger a false alarm while cooking, you can easily mute it with your iPhone.


Eve Aqua: Make your garden bloom with Eve Aqua. With the Eve Aqua, you can automatically activate your smart irrigation system with schedules or start watering with Siri or with the tap of your finger. The system can be set to automatically shut off so you never have to worry about shutting off the water. Through the Eve App, you can easily monitor water consumption over different time intervals. On holiday during a heatwave? No problem. With HomeKit central control, you can turn the tap on and off from anywhere.

Eve Degree: Monitor weather patterns accurately with Eve Degree. This smart weather station gives you current weather data so you can decide whether to stay home or go out. The sensors measure humidity, air pressure, and temperature while taking past data into account to forecast the weather. With the Eve app, you can capture and predict the course of weather conditions and allows you to study weather patterns that interests you.

All the advantages of Eve products at a glance:

  • Intuitive app
  • Apple HomeKit-enabled
  • High-quality Workmanship
  • Easy Installation
  • No smart home bridge necessary
  • High data security
  • Bluetooth or WiFi depending on the product

Installation of Eve devices

Eve products are easy to set up and install in a few simple steps.

  1. Insert the charged battery into the device
  2. Install the device in the desired location
  3. Connect the device to the app with the code provided
  4. Enjoy all the benefits of Eve devices