Smarten your garage door with Chamberlain

Chamberlain specializes in everything garage which is helpful when creating a smart garage that you can control from anywhere. With Chamberlain, you can create a smarter and more efficient system for controlling and managing your garage with Chamberlain's smart home products. Whether it's garage openers, accessories, supplies, or spare parts, Chamberlain has all your garage needs covered.


Creating a smart home garage

Chamberlain offers top-of-the-line garage products at an affordable price, from small accessories such as wireless entry keypads, to high-quality smart garage door openers that are able to execute a number of functions. While many may think that smart home technology stops outside the home, garages are an important area that can be made easier to control and monitor whether you are home or not.

Simple control

Chamberlain is passionate about smart home and their technology makes monitoring your home and garage easier than ever. Their Smart Garage Hub can be controlled remotely through the myQ app, from your smartphone or tablet. Having a myQ-enabled smart garage hub is essential for making sure that your garage door is closed when you're not at home or to make sure it is open when you drive up. All you need is a WiFi connection and you can control your garage door from anywhere.

Ease of use

With Chamberlain products, customers can make use of garage door openers that are easy to manage remotely through a secure WiFi connection and that can also be integrated into existing smart home ecosystems. Products such as keypads ensure that allowing access to friends and family can be done easily. Go for one of their smart lighting products to create some ambience and atmosphere in your garage! All of these products can be controlled through the mqQ app which is intuitive to use in order to quickly and easily control your smart home devices from Chamberlain.

Chamberlain products

Chamberlain has a number of different products to choose from and their wide-ranging variety ensures that everyone can find a product that perfectly fits their needs. Unlike other manufacturers of smart home devices, Chamberlain has a more focused line of products that strives to make your garage smarter and easier to manage. This ensures that their products are of top quality and that their focus is fully behind improving the functionality of garages.

Smart Garage Hub

The Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub with myQ technology is a foundational piece to making your garage smarter and your garage door easier to control. The myQ Smart Garage Hub can be added to many different types of garage door openers made after 1993 giving you control over your garage door like never before. If you have questions about your existing garage opener’s compatibility, Chamberlain has added a tool that allows you to check the compatibility of your existing garage door opener with the Smart Garage Hub that comes with myQ control.

The Smart Garage Hub allows you to control your garage door with your smartphone through the myQ app. This enables you to create schedules for your garage door to open or close at a specific time and you can also get real-time alerts if your garage door is opened unexpectedly. Best of all, the Smart Garage Hub from Chamberlain is a breeze to install. Never have to worry about whether you left the garage door open during your morning rush to work. You can even open your garage so a delivery person can put a package in your garage without you even being home. This provides you peace of mind that your package is safe.

Smart garage openers

Smart garage openers from Chamberlain include the machine that lifts your garage door and are also equipped with WiFi control so you can control it through the myQ app. These Smart Garage Openers models vary from those that have “Ultra-Quiet” features for lifting and lowering your garage door, garage door openers with complete garage lighting features, and heavy-duty garage door openers with an extra-durable chain. Chamberlain has sought to create the perfect garage door opener for your needs that come with the ability to control your door through your smartphone.

Smart garage accessories

Even with a smart garage door opener, there are other devices available to better help you control or monitor your garage. These include safety devices such as motion sensors that detect movement around the area where your garage door is closing as well as laser parking assistants that help you park your vehicle just in the right place. Keypads from Chamberlain allow you to give codes to family members and friends so that they are able to access your garage simply by entering a number.

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