About Belkin

Belkin International is made up of three brands - Belkin, Linksys and Wemo - and it's the Wemo division that specialises in smart home products. It offers smart light switches and smart plugs that give traditional home appliances smart features. Manage lights, fans, coffeemakers, and many other devices remotely from the Wemo app on your smartphone. Control them with a voice assistant, and automate devices to turn on and off according to a set schedule.

Create a smarter, connected home

Belkin Wemo smart plugs give you the ability to make ordinary ‘dumb’ devices smart. They’re an easy way to kickstart the creation of your brand new smart home. They’ll save you money in the long term with a more efficient use of energy, as well as the ability to remotely control your home devices, in case you forget to switch them off.

Designs are neat, installation is easy

A great thing about Belkin Wemo smart home products is that they combine a modern design with easy installation. The smart plugs and bridges are intelligently and elegantly designed. Setting them up is really easy too, with the user-friendly app taking you through the process.

Voice assistant compatible

Wemo products are also compatible with smart assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows you to fully control and manage the devices through simple voice commands. Some of their products require the Wemo Bridge to give them compatibility with the Apple HomeKit, whilst others have this built-in.

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