Intelligent integrated technologies

Audio-Technica’s headphones are equipped with clever active noise-cancellation and transducer technology. This allows you to enjoy your music and calls in even the noisiest of locations, without losing any of the detail in the sound. A truly uninterrupted listening experience. With certain Audio-Technica products, you also have the option to hear the outside noises. Their switchable hear-through function means that you’re able to choose when you want to listen to the outside world. Never miss important announcements, and engage in conversations without having to remove your headphones.

Convenient wireless and remote control

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to fully control your music and take calls without the need for any annoying wires. Pair the headphones to your smartphone and enjoy the convenient ease of use through the neatly designed control buttons. You can also control and manage your Audio-Technica headphones through the user-friendly Audio-Technica | Connect app. This provides helpful setup instructions for those who are new to wireless headphones or Bluetooth connectivity. You can then make use of useful functionalities such as naming your headphones, monitoring the battery usage and customizing the sound settings.

Elegant, comfortable designs

Audio-Technica’s headphones all boast a well thought out and smart design. When in use, they look sleek and definitely don’t stick out in an awkward or bulky way. They’re also really practical. A lightweight design, and the ability to be folded up neatly, makes them perfect for storing away or travelling.

One of the best things about Audio-Technica headphones though, is their premium levels of comfort. The bigger headphones are equipped with soft memory foam earcups that ensure long-lasting comfort throughout the day. Even the smaller in-ear headphones are really comfy to wear. Their compact housings ensure a comfortable fit for long periods of time. They also come with a range of silicone eartip sizes, which ensures that you’re always able to find the perfect fit.

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