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Arlo Wall Mount 4-Pack (VMA1300)


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Main Features
Easy Installation

Arlo's Wall Mount 4-pack allows owners of a single Arlo camera to get more bang for their buck. You can create a comprehensive security camera setup with only a single camera - simply move the camera throughout your home as the day goes on. The magnetic mounts have been designed to blend with the 100% wire-free camera, allowing it to stay unnoticed while also giving you the opportunity to mount it at a height. The Arlo is IP65 certified, so you can place it outdoors without it getting water damaged by rain or other precipitation.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Increased versatility
  • Secure placement
  • Out of sight
  • Easily adjustable
  • Neat design

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

This wall accessory pack comes with 4 additional magnetic wall mounts for your Netgear Arlo and Netgear Arlo Pro. They allow you to switch the position of your camera(s) around the house with ease - simply snap the camera from one mount and remove it to another. For example, you can attach one magnetic mount to sit above your door so you can monitor this area when the house is empty. You can then attach another inside your baby's nursery so that you can monitor your baby's sleep at night.

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Product Information

  • A comprehensive system: This pack lets you get more flexibility when it comes to placing a single Arlo camera. You can switch your camera to four different positions throughout the day, giving you a comprehensive system with just a single camera.
  • Out of sight: Arlo is one of the most compact HD security cameras on the market. The magnetic mounts allow you to place the camera much higher up in a room, while also keeping the camera's discreet profile intact.
  • Secure mounting: The camera is screwed onto the mount, preventing it from slipping out even if the camera has been placed outdoors. It's even able to withstand wind and rain.
  • Just the right angle: You can easily adjust the angle of the camera while the camera is attached to the mount, allowing you to record exactly the area you want.

The Arlo Wall Mount 4-Pack in action

This wall mount pack is ideal for both users of a single Arlo and multiple Arlo cameras. Place the magnetic mounts around your home and get four separate locations where the camera can be attached in with ease. This is perfect for changing the location of the cameras throughout the day. During the daytime, you may be more concerned with what your kids are getting up to on the front and back lawns. You can attach two mounts in these positions to keep an eye on them as they place. At nighttime, you can then use your Arlo camera(s) for video surveillance. Attach one mount near both your front and back doors in order to catch burglars red-handed if they try to access your home. This is just one possible idea for a home setup. You can buy multiple packs to add several installation sites for your camera.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Installing the camera is easy as screwing it into the wall you want to attach the mount to. The cameras themselves can be easily twisted on to the magnetic mounts in a matter of seconds.

Product Quality 9

The mounts are sturdy, keeping the Arlo camera secure. Even when you place the camera outdoors, the Arlo is able to withstand rain and wind.

App/Software 8
The user-friendly Arlo App allows you to tune in from anywhere so that you can always keep an eye over your home security. Store videos and get instant alerts and notifications.
Functionality 8

Allows you to place your existing Arlo camera more flexibly around your home, giving you the option to build a comprehensive security network with a single or multiple cameras.

Reliability 9

Stays secure, with the mount even being able to withstand rain and wind. The mount's base is screwed directly into the wall, so it too stays secure.

Design 9

The mount has been designed so as to keep the camera undetectable, the mount's design blending in well with both the wall and the camera.

Data Protection 9
Video is only stored for a limited time and can be deleted at any time by the user. Always ensure that your home WiFi network is encrypted and secure before connecting your Arlo device to it.
Value for Money 8

A great purchase for any Arlo user who wants to get a more comprehensive security camera system or switch the position of their cameras quickly.

Installing the camera is easy as screwing it into the wall you want to attach the mount to. The cameras themselves can be easily twisted on to the magnetic mounts in a matter of seconds.

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Technical details

Technical details

Included at delivery4 Wall mounts for Arlo Camera, 4 Mounting Screws, Window decal
Can the magnetic mounts be used outdoors?

Yes, the mounts are able to withstand both wind and rain.

Which cameras are the mounts compatible with?

The mounts are compatible with both the Arlo and Arlo Pro cameras.

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