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Arlo Baby Puppy Character (ABA1100)


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Main Features
Easy Installation

An additional cover for your Netgear Arlo Baby camera. Its simple slip-on, slip-off design makes it straightforward to attach your brand-new character set. Netgear has designed the parts to not obstruct any of the ports and connections on the back of the device.Note: The Netgear Arlo Baby is not included with this character set. The camera must be first purchased separately (together with the original bunny ears).

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Tested by tink expert

Transform your Arlo Baby camera into an adorable Dalmatian. You'll get an additional look for your baby camera, while also giving your little one a brand-new puppy friend for their nursery.

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Product Information

  • Netgear Arlo Baby: The Netgear Arlo Baby goes above and beyond the features offered by a conventional baby cam. It's able to distinguish between a baby's cries and other noises, altering you instantly when it detects that your baby is distressed.
  • Slips right on: Attaching in your new set is easy - just slip in the ears and feet into the grooves found on the Arlo Baby's exterior. This keeps the ears and feet securely attached, so your little one won't be able to get a hold of them if they get their hands on it.
  • For cat lovers: A third character is available for kids who absolutely adore kittens. The kitty character gives your Arlo Baby little cat ears and paws, giving your baby a brand-new feline friend for its nursery.

The Arlo Baby - Puppy character in action

Netgear shows with Arlo that a smart home doesn’t just have to be for grown-ups. Netgear's cute Arlo Baby Puppy Cover turns your baby cam into a cute little Dalmatian. Simply attach your new cover onto your camera and your littles one will get a brand a new friend for their nursery.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 10

Over in seconds. Simply remove the original bunny character and slip-in the puppy set using the grooves found on the camera's exterior.

Product Quality 9

All parts are made from high-quality plastic. They slip seamlessly onto the camera and hold in place well.

App/Software 8
The user-friendly Arlo App allows you to tune in from anywhere so that you can always keep an eye over your home security. Store videos and get instant alerts and notifications.
Functionality 7

The character set simply brings a new look to your camera - no additional functionality is offered.

Reliability 9

Sits well on the top of the camera's head and base. You can rest easy knowing that your baby won't be able to remove the parts if they manage to get the camera into their hands.

Design 9

The adorable Dalmatian design is just perfect for your nursery. The black and white suits the original design of the camera perfectly.

Data Protection 9
Video is only stored for a limited time and can be deleted at any time by the user. Always ensure that your home WiFi network is encrypted and secure before connecting your Arlo device to it.
Value for Money 8

A great set for parents whose kids absolutely love dogs. Gives your Arlo Baby a new look and your baby a new friend.

Over in seconds. Simply remove the original bunny character and slip-in the puppy set using the grooves found on the camera's exterior.

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Technical details

Technical details

Weight0.28 lbs
Ears: 2.9 x 2.67 x 1.69 in.
Feet: 3.3 x 2.67 x 0.51 in.
Can the ears and feet be used with other Arlo cameras?

No, they have been exclusively designed for the Arlo Baby HD.

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