Amazon Alexa

The smart home assistant Amazon Alexa already has a firm place in thousands of households. Curious to know what Alexa is capable of and how its voice control works? Read on!


What is Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is a smart home assistant developed by Amazon which has been a hit with customers who are both smart home enthusiasts or first-time users. This is a voice-activated device which through internet connection, can play music, search the web, get weather reports, create to-do lists and control your smart home devices. Walk into a dark room and command for the lights on, hands free!

Don’t forget to check out the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker which offers high quality sound and immersion. Link the Echo to Alexa and simple voice commands then allow you to enjoy your favourite playlists from this amazing speaker. Alexa has endless possibilities and is able to enhance your everyday life in various ways.

Control your home with Amazon Alexa

The voice assistance is loved by many satisfied customers who seek the convenience of a smart home. Alexa is your personal assistant, who with the simple voice command ‘Alexa’ can attend to your every need. Connect it to your smart home devices and easily control your security system, thermostat, lights, door locks and even appliances. Use and personalize ‘Routine’ and have the doors lock, the lights shut off, and the AC downstairs shut off, by the simple voice command ‘Alexa, good night’! Instantly up your cooking skills by asking Alexa how many ounces are in a pint, or the best home-made waffle recipe!

There are many smart home devices compatible with Amazon Alexa. Connect your new smart home assistant with your August Smart Lock on your door lock and August View video doorbell security camera to enhance you and your family’s safety. Check out the Neato Botvac if you are looking to keep your home clean with minimal effort. Create a cleaning schedule or use a voice command to activate this neat device. Its LaserSmart technology will ensure not even one dusty corner goes uncleaned.

Create the perfect ambience with Phillips Hue. Whether you are cuddling up with a new book or throwing a party with old friends, Philips Hue helps you create the perfect environment for your mood. If your goal is to make your home more efficient, don’t forget to check out a Honeywell SmartColor Thermostat. Never have an over-the-top electricity bill again. This thermostat let’s you take control of your heating and cooling by learning your habits and setting up schedules.

This makes Amazon Alexa special

Amazon Alexa has unique features designed to make your life not only more convenient, but also more fun. Get Alexa Skills to discover endless apps, from Games & Trivia to Health & Fitness! Released in April 2019, Amazon Alexa already has 25,000 skills available and counting. Use the each Skill’s voice command to learn more about today’s news or traffic report. Ask for the joke of the day or trivia for instant entertainment! For sports fans, this is the perfect way to always be clued in about your favorite sports team.

Amazon Alexa is also your number one shopping assistant, which is exclusively offered to Amazon Prime members. Want to relax instead of running errands? Tell Alexa to buy mouthwash and paper towels. She will tell you the price, confirm the purchase through a four-number code and charge it to your default payment method. Amazon will then quickly and easily deliver this right to your door. It doesn’t get easier than this! Also, don’t forget to ask Alexa about Amazon’s special daily deals specifically offered for voice purchasers.

Alexa Echo’s superb sound quality is one of its most unique features. Get an Echo for each room of your home and explore the endless entertainment options. Feeling productive? Run home errands while Alexa reads you your next must-read book through Kindle! Or jam out to your favorite songs by connecting Alexa to your Spotify account. Through ‘Routine’ and by using the voice command ‘Alexa, good morning’, activate the morning news in the kitchen while you have breakfast and music in the bathroom while you shower! Alexa is extremely customizable, and can be personalized to whichever way you see it.

Connected Home by Amazon Alexa

Connected smart home devices simplify your life and an easy set up process takes the stress out of the installation stage. Start enjoying your new smart-home in just a few steps! How to set up the Smart Home Control with Amazon Alexa:

1. Set up your compatible device according to the manufacturer's instructions

2. Open the Alexa app and select the desired device

3. Activate the manufacturer's Alexa Smart Home Skill

4. Control your device with a simple voice command

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