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tink is the expert for all connected home products. We are the first comparison and consulting platform for products that make your home smarter. Founded in Berlin in 2016, we have spent the past two years working with our team of experts to inspire everyone to get their own connected home.

All products tested

The heart and soul of tink is our team of independent experts who test all products thoroughly for you! Thus we only offer products that truly impress us. We pay particular attention to (among other things) how simple a product is to install and the value for money which a connected home product offers.

Genuine customer service

If the detailed test reports and videos on our tink.us website don't quite cut it, our experienced service team is there for you any time by phone, chat or email. What's more, to make it easy for you, we offer a competitively-priced installation service that comes directly to your home.

Fair and attractive prices

tink gives you more for less. We offer our customers exclusive bulk and package discounts when they purchase multiple items. Free delivery and free returns simply go without saying.

The tink story

We founded tink because we want to get everyone excited about Connected Home products. We focus on products that are easy to install, attractively priced and offer real value for our customers. Example 1: Only a few years ago, a home alarm system could set you back a few thousand dollars; today, tink offers a smart security system for as little as $150. Example 2: Smart technology switches your heating off automatically when you open a window or leave your home - saving you up to 30% on your heating bill.

Until now, there has been no comparison and consulting platform to help you navigate the jungle of smart products and applications. With tink, we have created a platform to do exactly this. tink is your cross-brand contact for your connected home and helps you to make your home smarter.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas, please send us an email directly to management@tink.us

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The Team

We are a young Berlin-based company that keeps a few golden virtues in mind. These ensure that everyone on our team has their heart in the right place and are enthusiastic Connected Home users. As such, teamwork is a top priority for us, not only within tink itself but also in cooperation with our customers and brand partners.

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