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2x LIFX Mini Color + TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Lite (HS103)

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Main Features
Controller app for Apple iOS devices.
iOS App
Controller app for Android devices.
Android App
The product can be synchronized with other smart lights. For example, pre-defined lighting scenarios can be created and activated upon request.
Light Scene
Compatible with Amazon Alexa.
Amazon Alexa
Compatible with Apple HomeKit.
Apple HomeKit
Compatible with the Google Assistant.
Google Assistant
IFTTT stands for "If This Then That" and is a service that allows you to link simple statements. Example: When I enter my house in the evening, all the lights should turn on.
This product can communicate wirelessly with other devices over an existing WiFi network.
Via your smartphone, this product recognizes whether you're at home and changes it's behaviour accordingly (e.g. a camera could be switched on or the heat output reduced).
You can set schedules for this product to operate and carry out actions and certain times.
Easy Installation

Experience the potential of smart home automation with this 2x LIFX Mini Color + TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Lite (HS103) bundle. LIFX's smart bulbs provide you with thousands of lighting options to enhance and transform your home. The Kasa Smart Plug gives you the ability to make your ordinary household products smart. Open up the potential of your connected home.

All advantages at a glance:

  • 16 million color options
  • Create and set schedules
  • Voice assistance supported
  • Remote control via apps
  • No expensive bridges or hubs required

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

This bunde is perfect for getting started with your smart home. The two LIFX Mini Color's are compact, smart bulbs that can be easily setup without any hubs or bridges. With over 16 million different colors to choose form, you can control them in a variety of ways, including voice control. With the Kasa app, create schedules for the bulbs to turn on or off at the same time every day. The TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug (HS103) is voice assistant compatible and brings smart control for existing electronic devices like fans, lights, coffee machines etc.

More details
Product Information

  • A near endless choice of colors: These LIFX smart bulbs give you the choice of an incredible 16 million different colors to pick from. You really can find the perfect lighting to fit every occasion and every mood. The LIFX app also offers an easy to use color spectrum, which allows you to really get creative with your smart home lighting system.
  • Smart capabilites for any device: Kasa's Smart WiFi Plug is one of the most useful little devices out there! It makes it possible for any of your ordinary small electronic devices to have smart capabilities. All you need to do is attach the smart plug to a mains power socket and then plug your desired electrical device into it. Within minutes, you'll be enjoying the array of new smart functionalities that your previously ordinary electronic devices now have.
  • Ready from the get-go: A great thing about the products included in this bundle is that neither of them require any expensive bridges or hubs to unlock their full potential. All you'll need to get them up and running is a secure WiFi network and a smartphone or tablet to download the respective apps. No additional purchases necessary!
  • It's not all about the colors: While these LIFX smart bulbs have a vast color selection, they also give you a great deal of choice when it comes to white lighting. Select from different white temperatures ranging from 2500K to 9000K. This allows you to choose from soft warm whites, to sharp, bright whites.
  • Smartly designed: The Kasa HS103 Smart Plug boasts a versatile and clever design. It's compact construct means that it doesn't block or interfere with other electrical outlets. It's also been developed with expansion in mind. If you want to add a second or third smart plug then they can be neatly stacked vertical, when attached to an electrical outlet.
  • Create convenient schedules: With both the Kasa Smart Plug and the LIFX Mini Color you can create your own schedules and routines. Through the respective apps, set specific times for your lights and individual electronic devices to switch on and off. This really makes your home more efficient and saves money on your energy bill in the long term!
  • Voice control compatible: Both the products included within this bundle can be fully controlled using just your voice. Through either an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device, you can ask your smart assistant to switch the devices on or off, dim the lights, or even set new schedules.

The 2x LIFX Mini Color + TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Lite (HS103) in action

To get your new smart products up and running, begin by downloading the LIFX and the Kasa Smart app. The smart bulbs simply screw into existing E26 holdings and are linked to the LIFX app through your secure home WiFi network. The Kasa Smart app provides some installation guidance but the process is a quick and easy. Once completed, the smart bulbs produce a high quality of light while using only nine watts, a fraction of the power that regular bulbs use. The Kasa Smart plug functions well and voice communication and control works seamlessly.

Expansion is easy

Once you're setup and comfortable with your new smart home products then why not consider expanding your system? It's really easy to add more Kasa Smart Plugs and their smart design means that they can be neatly stacked when placed in electrical outlets. LIFX also offers many other products such as lightstrips and tile kits that can add an extra element of ambiance to your connected home.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Setup is quick and easy for both of the products. No expert electrical skills are requried and instructions are provided within the respective apps.

Product Quality 9

Despite both being very lightweight, they're still made to a high standard and defintiely not feel flimsy or brittle.

App/Software 8

The LIFX app boasts a modern and user-friendly design. It's easy to use and new lights can be added to specific rooms or assigned to groups.

Functionality 9

Both products function seamlessly while offering a range of handy, smart functionalities. Their compatibility with various voice assistants make them really easy to use.

Reliability 9

Kasa's Smart Plug provides a consistent and reliable connection for your electronic devices. The LIFX Mini Color bulbs have a long lifespan so you don't have to worry about constantly changing them.

Design 9

They both look great! Neat, elegant designs that have also been well thought out. Certainly don't look out of place within the interior of a modern smart home.

Data Protection 8

Communication is encrypted using standardized and established methods. No important personal data is required.

Value for Money 9

A great price considering the quality of the products and the amount of smart fucntionaltiies and capabilities that are integrated within them.

Setup is quick and easy for both of the products. No expert electrical skills are requried and instructions are provided within the respective apps.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensionsLIFX Mini Color - 2.36 x 2.36 x 4.13 in. Kasa Smart Plug - 2.62 x 1.57 x 1.50 in
Article weightLIFX Mini Color - 0.31 lb. Kasa Smart Plug - 0.25 lb
ConnectivityLIFX Mini Color & Kasa Smart Plug - connects to your home WiFi network
Power sourceLIFX Mini Color - AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz Kasa Smart Plug - Mains-powered
Power [W]LIFX Mini Color - 9 W (full brightness)
Lifespan [h]LIFX Mini Color - 22.8 years
Color Temperature [K]LIFX Mini Color - 2500 - 9000 K
Light Current [lumen]LIFX Mini Color - 800 lumen
In the boxKasa Smart WiFi Plug Lite (HS103), LIFX Mini Color Bulb (1), start up guide (2)
Which software systems are compatible with the LIFX and the Kasa Smart app?

They can both be ran on devices with Android 4.1 or higher. The Kasa Smart app requires devices with iOS 8.0 or higher, whilst the LIFX app requires iOS 9.0 or higher.

Do you need an additional hub or bridge to unlock the LIFX Mini Color's smart features?

No, the LIFX Mini Color does not require any hub and the smart features work out of the box.

Will my TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug's saved schedules and timers stop working if my WiFi network goes down?

No, the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug schedules and routines will function even when your WiFi network loses connection.

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